Karen Kubarek Massage Therapy

Located at Morro Bay Massage & Wellness Center, 736 Main Street


Client Testimonials


I have been getting regular massage for 20+ years and I can say that Karen gave the best massage that I have ever had. She is so versatile. She has knowledge and skills in a variety of therapeutic disciplines so she is able to approach each person's needs from multiple perspectives, which is exactly what I needed. I sought her out because of an injury I had just sustained. She is scientific (has a degree in biology) and very caring (great bed-side manner) at the same time. Karen continues to study and gain knowledge in order to better serve her clients. I think many massage therapists would have just agressively attacked my problem and possibly made it worse, but she was cautious and thoughtful before coming up with a game plan for my issue. I was back on my mountain bike full speed after 2 massages and my vacation was not ruined thanks to Karen. My wife also got a massage from her and agrees wholeheartedly with my review.

K.R .


Karen is awesome - with her varied areas of expertise, she brings a well-rounded approach to her practice . She is attentive to your whole experience, with a lovely space, yummy teas, essential oils and more. I highly recommend her - whether you have muscle issues needing attention or just want to relax.



Karen was very welcoming upon my arrival. She created a custom massage to address all my aches and pains. I highly recommend her services for the tired and weary skier.



Karen's pressure was perfect for me the whole time, she specialized the session to my needs, and created a great environment I could relax in. Thanks Karen!



Karen was delightful! The massage + foot soak was just what I needed, and I loved her use of aromatherapy and tuning forks to align my energy. Thanks, Karen!



Karen knows her stuff. She's created a wonderful atmosphere to perform what she does best. I received a TMJ massage and she also taught me a few exercises to do on my jaw at home. I highly recommend her!



Thank you Karen and Angie for an amazing massage that also helped clear up my head cold! My husband also loved his deep tissue massage!